Laser not burn in the wood

My laser burns but not burn in the wood
Whats the problem?
Thank you

This appears to be the problem… lol sorry had to tease you bit…

Welcome to the forum, let’s see what we can do to help you get going.

What power is the laser that’s mounted on it?

Did the grbl setup go properly?

If you can tell the difference between full power and low power, it’s probably the focus.

Have you tried a ‘ramp test’? Most are on co2, but do it with my led machines, same idea…


Its a sainsmart laser 5500 mw output power and in lasergrbl it burns perfect but i like to use lightburn.
But till now i getting grazy with the program.
If i load a picture he start on the right place and the laser burns but its not burning into the wood

Check the $30 through $32 values. The $30 value must match with “S-value Max” in ‘edit → device settings’. These set your pwm control range.


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