Laser not burning teak 96watt 20watt optical diode

Hello, my laser isnt burning teak. Im using a yorahome 96watt diode laser and speed 800, pwr 28. I’ll share my settings. My laser was working previously when i was using the trial version, after the upgrade something changed after i added the machine again though this is my first time burning teak but cant see it making that much of a difference. Any advice is welcome. Thank you greatly for your time.

I am assuming that is a diode laser corrective?

IF i am correct
Any chance that you should be running in mm/min and not mm/sec?
800 mm/sec is extreamly fast for a diode laser

Also 28% seems very low power for woods

Yes, it is a diode. Ill check if it is mm sec or min. I was running it at 2500 and 25% power previously to the new install and it was burning wood excellently. Thank uou for your reply.

Definitly was 2500mm/min not mm/sec

Thank you, that would make sense.

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Make sure you change here
Should fix most issues

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Thank you so much that fixed the problem. It was set for CO2. God bless you.

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