Laser not burning through plyboard

I am trying to burn through plyboard but my laser is burning some items out but not others. I have a Atomstack with a A5 M20 laser head does anyone have any suggestions.

10/mm sec 100% power and get an air assist made for your laser. You’ll be right as rain.

It would also help to know the actual material you are trying to cut and the thickness. Diode lasers aren’t great at cutting, they are better at engraving.


As @LaserWillie suggests, once you get the air assist installed, you should get through 3-4mm plywood just fine.

Q: is your material sitting on any type of raised bed?

It will help if the air can get through the cut as it finishes. Any try not to do everything at 100% power - the diode will serve you longer.


Hi was wondering where the best place to get a air assist and how much are they to be honest never heard of this I’m new to all this as you probably realise. And yes it is on a raised bed. Also what sort of lasers are best for cutting wood its just a hobby but I’m wasting a lot of wood lol.

Co2 lasers. AtomStack is all marketing. Your best bet is a few 3D printers in the forum or searching Etsy. You need the Nozzle/Guard comb and an aquarium air pump with at least 500 GPH.

The AtomStack M50 shows them cutting 10 mm wood is most likely Balsa. I wish there was an Independent channel that reviewed these and was honest about them and how they hold up.

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Hi Beverly can I ask what Speed/Min and Max power you are using please for the cut outs? I’m very new to this and struggling with my Atomstack A5 M30 to get it to cut 3mm ply.

I hope you get your problem sorted.

I quite literally gave you the exact settings and answered your questions in another thread.

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@BevB … here’s a project for you to try if you’re up for it.

1/ measure the (probably brass) ring around your laser optical lens. Fixed focus or variable - it doesn’t matter.
2/ now that you have this measurement, measure the dimensions of your laser module - it’s probably going to be about 40mm square. Height doesn’t matter.
3/ get some material such as 3mm plywood, make a circle (eg: 40mm), and inside that make another circle the size of your laser optical lens - in the exact center. LightBurn can do this for you with ease.

You’re going to make a ‘cone’ that is about 20mm deep, and on each layer, make a smaller circle from your 40mm starting point, let’s say 39mm or 38mm, (depending on how ‘steep’ you want your cone sides to be) for your next layer, and keep the center circle the same size as your laser optical lens. But only for the first two 'rings’.

While you are waiting for your aquarium pump that @LaserWillie suggested (it’s going to come with some air tubing) - make sure it does.

Now that your aquarium pump is here, and you can measure the outside size of the air tubing that came with it… you’re going to make a third ring for your cone, that has a slot in it the same outside (O.D.) size as your new tubing from your air pump. Make this ‘slot’ tangible entry … aka: way off to one side of the inner circle, so when the air rushes in, it starts to swirl, and has nowhere to go but down and out towards the material that you are cutting.

4/ now keep going making your rings smaller and smaller, but now make the center hole a ’tiny’ opening. (you’ll need about three (3) more rings).

If you want to get really fancy here… the ring just below the one with the ‘slot’ for the air tubing, you can use a drill bit, and countersink the hole slightly. You see what we’re doing here … we’re making a funnel.

Stack all these rings up with a little wood glue in between layers, set your coffee cup on them to dry, and fit it over your laser optical lens in the morning.

Yeah, I know the hole in the side is going to be square, not round … but you’ve just made yourself an air assist that will work just fine until you want to find something else and squashing the air tubing into a square hole isn’t really a big problem.

Hi I struggled to cut 3mm hardwood ply with my Atomstack A5 M30 but found that 10mm per second speed and 100% power got through it. I bought some lightweight ply and it cuts that easier even at 80% max power and 35% min power… I bought coaster size discs off Amazon to try out the cutting.

Be careful @ 100% - the diodes do not like to be driven that hard for extended periods.
(your mileage may vary)

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