Laser not coming on in frame mode

Ok I use frame mode in lightburn the machine moves but I get no laser showing where the pattern will be . I have the fire button enabled and I press shift button before I select frame suspicions are that there may be some grbl settings i need to tweek.My laser focus works fine I have the fire button set at 5 percent.

Does the laser light come when using the Fire button at 5% power?

If so, try enabling “Laser on when framing” in Device Settings. Is the behavior different?

When you say frame “mode”, does this mean you’re pushing one of the 2 frame buttons?

Yes the laser comes on at 5% when I push the fire button . I will look for laser on when framing . Yes when i refer to frame mode I mean pushing 1 of the 2 frame buttons . Thank you for the reply .

I do not have " Laser on when Framing " . I am using version 0.9.16 .

Okay. That option is very new so wouldn’t be available in 0.9.16.

I can’t think of any reason why framing with light would not be working for you.

Can you confirm that you are holding down the shift key while you press the frame button with the mouse? As in the shift key is held down the whole time while the button is pressed? If not, this needs to be the case for this to work.

Yes I have made sure the shift key is held down ,still no laser . Thank you for helping me troubleshoot .

Ok I upgraded to the newest version I could and it seems to have resolved the issue . All of you have a great day !

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Glad you got it resolved. I didn’t think this was a recent add-on, however, so surprised an upgrade resolved it.

Well I had it resolved lol . The laser seemed to bright to me in Framing mode . So I turned the intensity down below 5% on Fire then it stopped working again on Frame mode . I did set it back to 5% but it still doesnt work now . I am using an older laptop so I suspect that may be part of the issue . But I really have no clue lol .

This shouldn’t be the case as the actual laser firing is handled by the controller on the laser.

Try using Fire power and increasing power incrementally up to 20%. Continue testing framing function. Does it come on at a certain power level?

Also try checking contacts for the laser module connector. You may want to try cleaning the connectors and ports on both sides of the cable and see if that improves this.

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