Laser not connected to Lightburn

I am brand new to using a Laser. I bought the activation key and thought I set everything up correctly for my Sculpfun using a MacBook Pro. However in the laser box it is showing disconnected. I believe I am using GRBL

Try 2 things:

  1. Right-click the Devices button. This should force a reconnect.
  2. If that doesn’t work, try selecting the pull-down Port field to the right of the Devices button. Make sure you are on something like cu.usbserial####. Make sure it’s not on cu.bluetooth-incoming-port.

If that doesn’t work can you confirm that the laser is showing up under the USB section of System Report?

Please take a screenshot of System Report and a full screenshot of LightBurn.

Thanks for the reply. Before I received it I deleted the laser turned off light burn and back on and reinstalled the laser and it is up and running.

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