Laser not cutting consistently

I’ve been using my Emblaser 2 for a few years now and I’ve just come accross a problem i’ve never encountered before.

After cleaning the lens and recalibrating the laser, it’s no longer cutting consistently. I’m using the 3mm poplar plywood from Darky Labs and the standard settings for cutting 3mm plywood. The only change I made is that it’s doing 3 passes instead of 2, as I was hoping that would allow me to get the pieces cut whilst I try to find a solution for this problem.

This is what it looks like from the back:

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the issue might be?

Thanks in advance

In fact, it is difficult to answer your question. First of all, you need to tell us what board you use. The second is to describe in detail, when you cut X, or Y axis deviation, or when there is no continuous light phenomenon

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By board, do you meant wood? This is what I’m using:

As for details of the cutting, when running the laser cutter, mostly on horizontal cuts, although the light never turns off, the intensity appears to reduce mid-cut, as can be seen in the long line on the left side of the shape.

This has been happening during every cut i’ve attempted since it started, including when trying to recalibrate the laser

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