Laser not cutting like it used to

we have a trocen with a ACW608
it has had repeated issues with the laser cutting fine, then after a few months it ends up not cutting all the way through

we tried doing all sorts of thing, some not related to get it to work last time, but nothing that seemed to fix it (it fixed it self)

now that I have better documentation for it, i am trying to troubleshoot this intermittent issue. we have an amp meter in series with the laser tube, and the current readings look consistent. I’ll be checking alignment of mirrors and cleaning but I have a hunch that is not the issue. help?

Most of the times that I have experienced this sort of thing with my own machine it has been due to mirrors coming out of alignment, a sooty focal lens, or a focus/material change issue. I would jog the machine to the far corner of the bed from the laser source and do a masking tape test shot and check alignment at the farthest extent first.

Things like coolant quality and temperature also make a big difference. The warmer a tube is, the less power it will output.

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