Laser not cutting over the same areas

Is there any easy reason why my laser does not cut over the same spot each pass?

Most likely a mechanical fault. Of those, most likely is a loose pulley. Triple check every single fastener, belt, and bearing/rail/rod/roller on the machine for proper torque.

How would i check for proper torque? Im new to laser cutting.
Thank you for replying.

Torque may have been a poor choice of words. It assumes special tools and knowledge.

Let’s say “tight” instead.

I’m assuming the machine came partially assembled and included a couple of Allen/hex wrenches. Stick the long end of the appropiate wrench into each fastener and make sure it’s tight using your hands. Most people can’t over-tighten using the wrench in this fashion. Don’t test that statement, but don’t be afraid to get them tight. Unfortunately, this is somewhat a learned skill…to feel when a fastener is tight enough without breaking it. Most hex wrenches will twist/spring a bit before a fastener breaks.

Pay special attention to anything that spins, moves, or is connected to something that does…pulleys, belts, rollers, motor mounts, etc. The stuff that was assembled at the factory is especially suspect and may be hidden. Some disassembly may be required to get it all.

You don’t want any slop anywhere, but anything that needs to move should do so freely. Again, a bit of a “feel” thing. Gantry rollers should allow no flopping about, but should roll smoothly and easily. Belts should be tight enough to vibrate when plucked like a guitar string.

I am afraid users will read this to mean “tighten it until you get it to twang.” I suggest to tighten as much as they can by hand, without using tools to tension the belt.

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