Laser not cutting

I’m not sure if it’s the tube or power supply

I’ve got a reci w6 tube(150 watt). yesterday it stopped working.

But the tube still glows pink color but won’t cut . I’ve checked the mirrors they are all clean, I’m not sure if it’s the tube or power supply.

Have you checked focus and mirror alignment?

Yes everything is aligned, and mirrors are clean.

I tried holding a piece of paper between the first mirror and the tube and it doesn’t even do anything.

It’s possible that the internal mirror (the exit mirror in the tube) is dirty or damaged. If it’s damaged you’d need to replace the tube.

I looked at the end of the tube it looks clean in there.

At this point I’d ask which one is cheaper to replace, and do that first.

The machine is almost 4 years old, and the tube was getting weaker the last few months. I only ever ran it at 60% power, 26mA when it was new then it slowly when down to 23mA now 19mA. That’s why I’m thinking it’s the tube.

That sounds like it, yes - Do you get any visible plasma in the tube? (does it glow?) If it’s white, then the tube is definitely gone.

It glows a pink color

I had a simlar problem this week. Laser cutting fine and then the next morning it would not engrave. The laser tube had visible plasma in the tube and using the pulse button would burn would but when in the engraving mode it would not even burn a hole in paper out of the laser tube. Since it was a fairly new Reci 100 watt tube I took a chance and got a new power supple and that took care of my problem.
If you are on a time crunch and need to get a power supply you can get a new power supple made for the Reci tubes from Amazon with 2 day delivery link to Amazon power supply

Now I have a new problem,. I just turned on the laser to see if I can figure out what the problem is and now I get a new error “power 1 open circuit fault”

Check the power supply leads to the tube - unplug & replug at the PSU- in case one has become disconnected or something like that.
Unscrew the wires from the tube ends and re-attach them also.

I’ve checked all the connections they all seem good.

Just an update,

I replaced the laser tube and it’s all working now.

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