Laser not firing 9.20

Completely new to light burn.

I just downloaded 9.20 lightburn, have everything set up. Went to do a test on 3mm birch wood. Head moves, but the laser isn’t firing. When I press the test button on the K40 no issues.

I made sure there was no loose wire, all connects are snug. I am using a cohesion3d mini.

Please help!! Thanks in advance.

What controller board are you using, and how is it wired to the high-voltage power supply?

Cohesion3d mini. It is connected the right way I think. I can take a photo if that helps?

It would certainly be easier to verify than “It’s connected the right way, I think.” :slight_smile:

Bottom 2 are x and y. They work fine, the endstop is plugged into the endstop port and the power is connected to the power slot.

Other than the laser firing that seams to be the only I have right now… lol!

It’s blurry, but it looks right. Do you have the analog or digital panel? Is the ‘Laser’ switch enabled on the panel?

Analog panel(30mA meter isn’t moving unless I press the test on the k40) and laser switch is enabled

There’s no magic here, so it’s possible there’s a bad wire or connection between the board and the power supply. I’d suggest contacting C3D to see if they have troubleshooting tips for you - I honestly haven’t had to troubleshoot mine, as it just worked first try.

Sounds good thank you

Solved, it was an operator error! Had wire on the power supply switched… thank you for helping.

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