Laser not firing after software upgrade

Hello, I’m using the cohesion3d board stock laser psu upgraded psu for the cohesion3d board. Smoothie firmware on a k40 had the laser of over 2 years not had much use and always set a max ma of 13ma on the machine was working fine today after not been used for a while. Upgraded to lightburn 1.4.00 and now the laser doesnt fire when it should goes through the motion and the meter shows the respective current for the current setting.
I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but in the command box in lightburn I entered M8 thought that was the code to check the air assist.
Any advice would be great thanks

You’re saying you show current at the meter but no laser fire? If so, sounds to me like a hardware issue unrelated to the upgrade. Sounds to me like the tube may have failed. What happens if you increase power further?

How many hours have you had on that tube?

You could downgrade the software to confirm that it’s not related to the software.

It’s had about a total of 24 hours it fire’s with the teat button and i can adjust to power with the dial

So i uninstalled version 1.4.00 and reverted back to 1.3.01 and the laser works as should do so strange as it seems the issuie seems to be with version 1.4.00.

Glad it’s working for you. However, I’m struggling a bit with the symptoms as what you’re describing is very unusual.

I assume this is a different scenario than what you were describing in your original post. So you’re saying that even while you couldn’t activate the laser from software that it was firing using the hardware test button. That would reduce potential causes.

But can you confirm the original symptom that the machine was moving and a current showing but with no actual firing laser?

How were you testing the laser? Was this with an existing design or something else?

Sorry ment to say it fires with the test button and i can adjust the power setting with the dail on the laser.
I’ve rebult this thing from the ground up auto pump and air assist, auto z axis practically a new machine and it all worked like a charm. This is the fisrt issue I’ve ever had with it. And it seem to be a software issue.

In that case I suggest you try upgrading again. There’s nothing in the upgrade that should inherently not work with your setup. If anything it’s potentially a layer setting or something else not immediately apparent.

If it doesn’t work after upgrading can you create a simple design in LightBurn and then go to File->Save Gcode, save to a file with .txt extension, and then upload that file here.

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