Laser not firing all of a sudden, Please Help!

(Larry) #1

I have a 130 watt Bodor 1309 with a Ruida RDC6442s (EC) controller.

All of a sudden, my machine will not fire. As soon as I try to 'start" a burn, the machine goes into protection mode. The display will read “machine protected or work paused”. If I try to pulse the machine I get " Machine Protected Please ESC."

The door switch seems to be operating properly, the light on on the sensor is off when the door is open and the light turns on when the door is closed. My next thought was the water flow sensor but it appears the I have no water sensor as it is built into the CW5000 chiller.

When I go to to Diagnostics on the control panel, I see this…

Notice it says READ beside the “IF PROTECTION” but I can not access the menu to read anything.
Please, if you have any input, I would appreciate it.
Thanks for reading.

(Nigel Conroy) #2

Do you have a water flow sensor?

(Larry) #3

Hey Nigel, I can not see a water flow sensor anywhere in the lines, it appears the protection is built into the CW5000. I am absolutely discouraged and have no idea where to look next. I had called china last night and they were almost no help at all. They wanted me to bypass the water protection in RDworks but I am using lightburn and I dont think there is an option for that.

(Nigel Conroy) #4

You can do that under machine settings. Do you have water flowing?

(Larry) #5

The water is flowing, I can slightly pinch the tubes and feel the flow. Ill check machine settings and see if I can find it!

(Larry) #6

The boxes beside Water Protect Enable Laser 1 and Water Protect Enable, Laser 2 were unchecked. I checked them both and tried again, I got an error on the controller about water protection. I unchecked both again and tried to pulse machine again and I am back to the error message Machine Protected Please ESC.

(Nigel Conroy) #7

That has me stumped also then. Sorry I can’t be of anymore help.
I can check the settings on mine and let you know in a few minutes.

(Larry) #8

Id appreciate that very much, thank you!

(Nigel Conroy) #9

Sorry work thing getting in the way!

I have Ruida RDC644XG - Vendor Settings - Water Protect Enable, Laser 1 False (unchecked)
Water Protect Enable, Laser 2 (True checked)

(Larry) #10

Ill try that again, thank you so much for your time!

(Nigel Conroy) #11

No worries. I don’t have a CW5000, but when I moved my machine it stopped firing because of water sensor. I had to take off tube and blow into it, freed up the sensor again and it fired again. I have seen that work a few times for others so always worth a try.

(Larry) #12

That would be odd if it worked as I have never played with those settings before. Ill try anything at this point.

(Doug Fisher) #13

Did you take the back panel (where the tubing connects) off and follow all the tubing internally through the machine to check for one of the reed-type water flow sensors? That is where you will find it on many Chinese machines.

(Larry) #14

I did do that yes, the tubes come straight from the chiller directly into the laser tube…seemed odd to me, perhaps I better have a second look.

(Larry) #15

For anyone curious, I ended up going through the entire machine and tightened all connections. There were a couple that were a tad loose, but didnt seem loose enough to cause immediate issues. Anyway, everything is back to normal…what a relief!!!
Thanks for the input.