Laser not firing, diode not turning on

I have some bogus China laser with a lousy Ezcad software. Suddenly it stopped firing the Laser (the red marker works fine). When I look at the Laser Control Board. LMCv4-Fiber-M the diode next to the Green Power indicator, does not light up when the Laser should be active. The result with Ezcad and Lightburn is the same.

But as it’s a china bogus laser, there no help, manual or any other guides that can help me here.

Can any of you confirm, that the Controller board diode should light when in use. I’ve measured all PSU, and the Voltage is correct, and thes no error diodes flashing, all is green.

Fingers crossed that you have an idea to get any further.

If you can test the laser with another power supply… I have seen a bunch of these china lasers just have power supply fail under load. It may test with the correct voltage when disconnected from the laser but when asked for any amount of current under load they fall short.

I’ll try to give the laser another 24v source.

The Lab Power supply, failed to start the laser, But tried investigating a little. When trying to power the laser, the red diode on the Control Board, blinks for a fraction of a second. And then goes out. The Ezcad, now gives an error like current board is not for a fiber laser or something.

Lightburn still works fine, but the laser is still not activated. It just runs, as everything is perfect. No errors or anything amiss. Any other ideas

So you have no power LED lit on the controller but still have motion control? Could it be a LIghtburn setting? Have you tried running the laser from LaserGBRL ? Can you test fire the laser? Without any deatils on the controller it would be hard to suggest any further testing… Post some photos of the board perhaps… Maybe someone on the forum will have something to add.

I have power LED, but NOT Laser LED when firing. I’ll post photos later. Haven’t tried or heard of LaserGBRL, will look into that as well

You may just have a dead controller board…although there may be more troubleshooting steps before you throw in the towel on that.

I Might. I’m just curious, if the normal mode, is the Laser LED Light lighting if the Laser Source is Dead. Or if it Only lights, when the source is working. ? Do you know that

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