Laser not firing issues after upgrading 0.9.11

I literally just got my first machine (80w chinese with Ruida 644xg). two Issues i’ve noticed since upgrading to the newest version the other day:

  1. The speed is now locked in mm/sec. I was logging my settings prior to upgrade and all were in in/sec prior and worked accordingly.
  2. VERY ODD. Laser will NOT turn on for cut/line if the speed is 10mm/sec or lower. It will work for Fill. But FILL + LINE, only the Line works (it goes through the pattern, laser just doesn’t fire). Changing of power does not have effect, only changing speed to 10mm/sec or lower. I think it’s working right when over 10mm, but i need to keep testing.

I know everything was operational prior to installing the update because i was trying

You can also flip the Units used with this control: - - image - - image

Not so odd. :slight_smile:

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Rick: THAAAANK YOU! I thought i was going crazy. I would have never found nor understood that minimum setting. You Rock.

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