Laser not firing with imported files

For some odd reason, suddenly, when trying to burn an imported file in lightburn, the laser won’t fire. In RDworks, everything is fine. No issues. In Lightburn, if I draw a square, or a circle, or anything at all, and send it to the laser, it burns just fine, no issues. But, if I import anything, any kind of file into lightburn, and send it or even download it, it will go through the program without firing the laser at all. Everything else seems normal. Air assist, water, steppers, everything. It’s as if lightburn turns off the laser and does as dry run on it’s own.

Thank you very much for any help you can give me. I’m stumped!

What settings are you applying to the layers?

My suspicion is that you’ve set the black layer to settings that work, and when you draw something you’re using that, but imported stuff is ending up on different layers, whose settings aren’t configured yet. If you can attach a simple example of a LightBurn project file with an imported shape that doesn’t burn, we can probably tell you why.

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