Laser not homing properly

I have a FoxAlien Mastuer Pro. I added the expansion kit to take the bed from 400x400 to 400x800
Now after doing this my machine homes in the middle of the board. When I jog it to the place where it should home it gives me negative cords.

I have been able to somehow to get it to home in the right spot, but then as soon as I move or jog to another point it will home back to the middle, like it forgets that I’ve add more space.

I’ve checked the X and Y travel steps, I had an error on the Y where it moved 200mm instead of 100mm. I corrected that. I’m checking all the settings I can figure but I have to be missing something. The LightBurn shows the proper space, and when it homes in the middle it shows it in the middle of the grids on the work space.

I should state that when it homes in the middle it looks like it’s Y @ 400 and X @ 0

Any suggestions?

Have you changed your $131 settings in firmware?
if not is possible the machine fails to home middle of the travle

Post your $$ maybe so we can take a looksy?

Thank you for the reply!

Yes I have changed $131
Below are my settings ; $$



































When you say machine homes in the middle

Any chance that machine just moves X and Y dont move at all?

Thinking here, maybe you wired your Y or X switch in NC when they are usually NO
so machine isnt homing because. it “thinks” its already on limits

To test this, power up - connect
Go to your console and type ?
Press enter
What Mpos do you get?

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