Laser not indexing correctly on workspace

As a newbie, I need help to get my laser to align with the image on my workspace. It was working ok for a day, the the laser head started crashing into the frame rails for no apparent reason. When I hit the “Frame” icon, the laser describes the image correctly, but it is way out of position! The “Jog”. Feature also works as it should. I am at a loss as to how to fix the alignment problem. With my trial period about to expire, I am wondering if I should reset lightburn to default settings?

Can you help us better understand what this means, technically? Post examples and images to illustrate what you are seeing, so we can see this as well. :slight_smile:

If I draw 4” square in the center of the lightburn workspace, when I activate the laser by initiating “frame” it will trace the 4” square but off to one side rather than at the correct center location of the workspace.The laser head is not duplicating the workspace location of the square as drawn.

What coordinate system is set for the “Start From:” selection in the Laser Window? If not already, use Absolute Coords. This is the most intuitive to start with. Your workspace in LightBurn will essentially match your laser work area so something you place on the lower left will match the lower left of the laser bed.

If this doesn’t address it, please take a full size screenshot of LightBurn under the conditions where this happens.

Is it ok to use absolute co ordinates when there are no limit switches?

Yes. As long as you are working in a positive coordinate system and have a procedure for properly zero-ing your working origin.

Do you turn on the machine with the laser head at the front left of your machine? Does your position read as 0,0 there? If so, then as long as your working area has been properly defined then you should be able to work safely in absolute coords.

Many thanks for your help, the “absolute coordinates” suggestion has solved the problem! You have made my day!

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