Laser not moving at all and not receiving feedback from endstops check!

Hello all,
I’m working on finishing my DIY laser and after a long pause on the building I connected everything back up and I get no movement at all. Prior to the pause on building I was able to move the stepper motors and all endstops worked as supposed to. Now I get no movement at all nor any feedback from M119 and or M114 commands. When turned on the Steppers do lock. I am using the C3D board and the latest version of macOS Catalina on a MBP and I also downloaded the latest firmware and config files. I only edited the bed size parameters.
Any suggestions on what to try next??!!

which firmware and config files? And did you read ?

I used the files from the link below “” I have read most of the documentation and I have done most if not all the set up following the to the instructions to the t, but nothing is working.

The place to go for support is the C3D forum.

Bo, Thanks I’m already there…

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