Laser Not Recognized (does lightburn support the new AWC 7813 vs. old AWC 708)

I have a RM750 Laser with a Trocen AWC7813 controller that isn’t being recognized by Lightburn. They specifically advertise being compatible with Lightburn. My computer recognizes a new USB connection when I plug in the laser but the software interface displays “disconnected” despite entering the parameters in manually after it didn’t auto detect the machine.

I’ve read through most of the forums for the AWC708 model and I’ve tried to connect via ethernet cable with no luck. I’ve also used two different computers to try and establish a connection and tried all of the USB ports. Currently using a Windows 10 machine.

I downloaded a firmware package update (213813b) from the Trocen website and attempted to update the AWC controller but that didn’t work either.

I have also checked all the physical connections to make sure nothing came loose during shipping.

Any other suggestions?

Have you installed LaserCAD? You might need to in order to get the driver for the controller, after which LightBurn should detect it over USB.

Just installed LaserCAD and was able to jog the machine with my computer while using LaserCAD. However, I still have the same “disconnected” message when I try to use Lightburn. Still won’t auto detect the machine and the manual inputs won’t work either.

There are two modes that these devices work in - one is ‘USB’ and one is ‘Serial/USB’. Click the ‘Devices’ button, double-click the entry for the laser, click ‘Next’ to bypass the device screen, and try both methods. The newer Trocens usually use ‘USB’.

That was one of the things I tried initially. I made 3 profiles; one for the USB, serial USB and ethernet with the proper IP address all with no results.

The one on my desk connects fine with ‘USB’. Is LaserCAD still running?

That was the solution, thank you for your help. I opened both programs and after a number of times of plugging in and unplugging the USB cable the software finally displayed “Found Trocen / AWC device” at the bottom of the control screen.

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