Laser Not showing in setup

I have an Aeon Rudia controller Co2 laser. I have done the setup about a month before on my laptop and had no issues with it. I have a desktop (windows 7) in my office. I brought it out to hook it p to the laser so I can get access to other features with the software. Through the wizard it doesn’t recognize the laser. I have done the manual setup and it still shows disconnect. On the camera tab it gives me a drop down for usb connected device, normally this says came on my laptop. If I connect my laser through wifi and manually add the laser I can move around the laser head and lightburn states ready. What am I missing or doing wrong? I should not have any issues hooking up through usb like I normally do through my laptop. Just to add, in my computer settings it does recognize the camera when its plugged in through usb, just noit in lightburn. Thank you.

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