Laser not starting cut where software shows

Question # 1
I have my b&r 80 watt origin set to top right and light burn set for top right.

When I hit start the laser display gives my a slop error and the option to hit esc or return. If Inhit return the laser jogs to the beginning of the cut and works.

How do I overcome this ?

Using the software to determine where the laser is on the bed . Is this a way to line up where you want your cut to start? Say my bed is 700x500, I put in a piece of wood that is 500mm#500mm on the bottom right side of the bed. Do I jog the laser to that piece of wood via the icon on the left of screen or do I manually jog the head via the Rubio control panel on the laser itself?

  • The Frame Slop error usually means you’re trying run your cut out of bounds of the machine. It’s worth reading about Job Origin as well:

  • Again, it depends on your job origin and how you’re using the machine. You can use the “Frame” function to figure out where the job is going to go and place the material there, or you can set the machine to use Current Position or User Origin and jog the laser head to the corner or center of the material, wherever you have the job origin set, and run from there.

This video walks through the machine and job origin settings in a bit more detail:

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Thanks, I’ll work on it tomorrow!

Ok, so I set the laser up under new devices. Ruida/700*500 bed/usb port/ origin of laser (i set it to FRONT LEFT. I’m using an 80 w red and black.

But when I hit the HOME function on the laser control in the software the machine jogs all the way to the RIGHT REAR.

So is the right rear the actual origin of the laser?
Sorry, I’m just confused.

After watching the video over and over I guess my question should be how do I find the machine settings of my laser machine so I know how to set up light burn ? Or do I just have to toggle between the settings in light burn until it lines up?

On a Ruida machine the home position and origin are almost always the same, so yes, right rear would be your origin setting.

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