Laser not staying on coordinates


This has happened to me a couple of times, and I don’t know what’s going on.

I have the laser set to Absolute Coords. It seems like the laser jumps down for some reason, and I can’t figure out why.

The artwork is together as a group. Why is it doing one layer lower than the other?

Hi Colleen, could you please take some screenshots of your settings and also of what the image, end product, should really look like.


PS what’s your
Operating System
Connection type. USB or Ethernet if you have that capability

As much as you can will really help :sunglasses::wink:

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Hello Gary!

Machine: Omtech 60W Red & Black
Operating System: macOS Mojave
Connection: USB
Lightburn: I am not running the latest version. I am trying to find the version, but can’t find it.

This is what it’s supposed to look like:

For this cut, I sent out the engraving first, and didn’t send out the cut with it.
It started engraving from the top (pepper) and worked it’s way down fo finish with Bean.

You can see the fill was done properly, but then when the line came into play, for some reason it knocked everything down.
This is not consistent. I have done a lot of cuts with these layers, and it’s random for when it decides to jump off. When it does, it ruins the entire piece.


Hi Colleen, thanks for the extra information and the images.

Although its far more clear as an issue its niot one I have come across before but I feel sure that one of the members or team will be able to help and the extra information you have prepared and sent will help them greatly.

I hope you get an answer quickly to allow you to carry on with these rather interesting garden signs.

I will keep an ye and if I think of something I will chip in.

Can I just ask where you prepare the files…In LightBurn or else where…if elsewhere what type of file are they and do you have this issue on all file types or just specific ones ???

I prepare everything in Lightburn :frowning_face:

Post the file if you are willing and we can review. Is your system able to scan fill at 400 to 500mm/sec as you have it set. That seems aggressive. Have you been able to repeatedly scan at those speeds with this system?

Yes, so far 400 to 500 mm/sec has been working out well. I have produced a lot of these etchings with no problems, but every once in a while the laser will jump off like this and I can’t figure out why. I actually deleted the design that was acting up and started over, but the next time it does it I can email over the file. What’s your email? and include a link to this post for context. :slight_smile:

You may have the accelerations set a little aggressive / fast, causing it to jump, but you can check what is recommended by your manufacture.

I also notice you do not have your laser listed in your forum profile. Please update with as much as you can. This way, folks don’t need to ask, and you won’t have to repeat yourself. :wink:

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