Laser not turning off between cuts even after trying $32=1

Hi, I’ve just replaced a M2Nano board with a Gerbil Mini board, all seems to be fine apart from it cutting the travel lines, I’ve seen the comments about typing $$32=1, in the console and verify it by typing $$, but its still happening, does anyone have another solution ?.


Do not type “$$32=1”. First type ‘$$’ followed by the Enter / Return key. You should get text spit back into the console window. This will be the current settings of the firmware on your controller.

Scroll that list looking for the ‘$32’ setting. You want that set to $32=1. If it is not set to that, type ‘$32=1’ followed by the Enter / Return key. This should set it correctly. To review this change, type ‘$$’ followed by the Enter / Return key again to review the entire list with this new setting.

Hi Rick

Thanks, it was a typo when I put $$32=1, after several attempts at changing the “32” and getting now where I re looked at the installation and realised I had missed the cable from ground out on board to power supply, it know works great, Lightburn is so much better than the cracked version of Corel, can’t wait to burn/cut anything I can get my hands on.