Laser not turning off during traversal moves on Image Mode

Hey Everyone, newbie to laser engraving/LightBurn here. I am having issues with some of my burns going out of the bounds of the image I am trying to engrave:

The top was started with Jarvis image mode, which over burned as you can see at the bottom of that coaster (the pure white was intentional as I restarted the burn after changing it to Grayscale and inverting the image). The lines that extend beyond the picture are what I’m having an issue with getting rid of. The way I got rid of most of them was to change to Grayscale and drop the minimum power to 0%, which is how the bottom coaster was printed.

In the preview mode, all of the traversal moves are where the extra lines show up:

I am using an Ortur LM3. I did ensure that $32=1 in the machine settings, however I can’t quite find another setting that might cause this. Any ideas?

Can’t tell strictly from the photos/screenshots but it’s mostly likely there are difficult to see artifacts in the image itself.

You can see a hint of this in the Preview. I suspect if you zoomed in you could see all of them.

I’d suggest creating a mask or cleaning up the alpha channel to make sure you have no extraneous artifacts that could cause this.

I checked the preview for artifacts, didn’t see any:

I also checked the original image for artifacts and can’t see any (background filled blue to double check for artifacts.) I applied the alpha layer and exported as PNG to keep the alpha channel, but it doesn’t seem to have made a difference.

Let me know if I’m completely misunderstanding because I could very well be.

Hmm… alpha channel view looks okay.

Do you get this with all images? If yes, do you get this with vector fills?

Are you able to share the .lbrn file for this?

I get it with all images, but not vector fills. Vector fills have been great so far!

Looks like my .lbrn file is too large to upload directly, I’m assuming the picture is just very big. I have uploaded it here, unfortunately it is through mega so I know it may look a bit suspect, I can assure you it is safe.

There’s a 4mB limit to uploads… if larger, you need to put it somewhere (like Google drive) and post the link…


Did my link to the mega pop up? I put it in there and it shows up for me, not sure if it did for everyone else though.

If you’re not getting it with vector fills then I have to think there’s something going on with images.

However, if I look at your .lbrn file I don’t see anything wrong with it.

I’ve modded your file and added a mask around the image. Can you try burning this and seeing if you get any issues? You can burn to anything, doesn’t have to be slate.

It’s also possible that this is a firmware bug but I’m not certain.

Unfortunately it looks like it is still doing the same thing (the heavy burn marks are during traverse moves):

I will look into seeing how outdated my firmware is and hit up Ortur Support to see if they have a solution. It also looks like you sent that from LightBurn 1.3, I’m on 1.2.04, maybe that could be something, I’m not sure hahah. I appreciate the help regardless!

Update: Looks like it was a firmware issue. Updated the LM3’s firmware et voila! Works great!

Thank you again for your help!

Awesome. Glad you got it sorted.

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