Laser not understanding workspace

I’ve searched and searched and tried to get my laser to understand where it is in the workspace at all times.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding how the software “thinks” about the workspace.

I have a feungsake diode laser 39" x 39" usable workspace. I’m uploading a picture of the controller, versions, etc along with all of the settings in console.

I feel like I should be able to set a 0,0 coordinate and the machine always begin from that point, the center of my workspace always be the center, etc.

The laser continually tries to go outside of the workspace when I tell it to go to the origin, I’ve been unable to figure out how to make it start in the same place every time.

I’ve set the negative offset like I’ve read in the forums. I’ve set $32=1 like I’ve read in the forums. I’ve set $30=1000 and made it match in device settings. I’ve also tried both of these values at 250 like I’ve read in the forums.

I have the software set to Absolute coordinates. With the front left as the origin. (When we say front left do we mean bottom left?) I’ve tried them all.

I’m getting very frustrated. I’ve seen several others with the same issue but I haven’t seen anyone say they solved the problem or tell what they did to correct it. I’ve seen lists of things that can be tried in order to correct the issue but none of them seem to be working.

I’ve also got a small neje master with neje software and I’ve never struggled like this.

Please help.

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