Laser not using correct speed

I have been happily using Lightburn and my laser for some months, many many hours of cutting.
Yesterday I held a workshop and we had superb cuts. Today the speed control is wrong. Yesterday we cut with 400 mm/min, today I have to reduce the speed to 10 mm/min for penetration. Visually it looks like the laser is actually travelling about 400 mm/min with this setting.
If I run the identically same programs as used yesterday, there is just a burnline on the surface. Geometry is correct though.

I guess some register setting has got the wrong value. How can I troubleshoot and fix?

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Make sure the units you are using are indeed what you expect. Are you sure that you’re not in fact using mm/s or in/min thinking that it’s in mm/min?

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Thank you. I will check that. Again. But the settings should not have been changed since yesterday.

Not to cast aspersions on your workshop attendees, but it’s amazing how many settings change while folks become accustomed to mousing & clicking around a new-to-them program while concentrating on the laser rather than the UI.

Heck, I can do that all by myself! :grin:

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:smile: how right you are. I will try to compare with personal computer which was in safe care.

I would really appreciate a hint of where to look. My prime suspicion is either a software setting or a hardware register setting. Id it sufficient to compare the settings file for the software?

Right you are, it was the unit setting in the software. Somehow it had been changed to mm/sec instead of mm/min.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions