Laser not working. I want to uninstall all programs and try to reinstall Ortur and Lightburn

I want to uninstall all programs and try to reinstall Ortur and Lightburn. Will I lose all my projects if I do?

What program did you create your projects with and where did you save them?

I use lightburn to create my projects. It seams the data port is ot working. When I plug tge data plug in to my computer and the laser the green light comes on my ortur laser, 20w S2. When I go to lightburn to pick the device nothing comes up.

This probably won’t solve your problem, but your device type should be GBRL not GBRL-M3 I believe.

Click the Devices box … Should get a list of devices to choose from.

Ortur laser 2 20w S2: There is no other devices to pick from. When I go the manual and pick just the GRBL it does the same. States there is no laser connected. I use the same port for my wireless mouse and it works. The green light turns on, on the laser but it does nothing. I have done the fireware reset. Holding the on/off switch then the reset. The lights go on and off by the buttons. Then the computer shows it is connected. Going to this PC and into the Ortur program that pops up, into the file “ready” a screen pulls up and there is nothing. Not sure what else to do. Very frustrated.

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