Laser Off TC not able to input negative Value

Hi I’m busy to find my correct timings for my laser on TC and my laser Off TC,

and created a test file, I’m able to input negative values in the Laser On TC, but not in the laser off TC is this correct? (ps i’m following the youtubne video The COMPLETE Guide to Timing and Delay for Galvo Lasers)

If you look at the xml data you see that the value LaserOFF_TC for the line and fill are not equal (but if you look in the software the value Laser off tc shows equal .


I’ve asked our devs internally to get a clear answer for you, I’ll follow up here once I have more answers.

No problem, let me know if i can help to test some more things.

Hi, would the devs already have an answer for this? I am also setting my laser up with the same video.
For laser everything the laser Off TC is a positive value, so probably for us too, but I would also like to test it wih a negative setting to see the differences.

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