Laser Offset while surrounding laser engraving how much?

Hi there, I set my two trees s40 to x:-7 and y: 14 so the Red Cross is showing where the engraving will end up. Do you have the same offset? Just wondering if I am correct. Cheerio

perfect offset is x-8 y 12 checked it now it is perfect

Thanks Patrick! I have the Totem S and will check it out when I have the time.

Let me know if it is the same for you! :slight_smile:

Well it looks like x -9.5 and y 10 is about as close as I can get it on my machine for now. I think I can improve by another +/- .1mm or so if I run a few more trials. But that’s different enough from your numbers to make me wonder if the relative location of the positioning laser to the actual engraving laser isn’t very tightly controlled. I’m using 80.23 steps/mm for my $100 setting in machine parameters and 80 steps/mm for $101. If your numbers are different, that would explain some of the discrepancy. I really need to run the axis calibration utility.

That’s pretty off :face_with_monocle: I will try your numbers and see if it looks any different at my machine.

While installing the Air Assist, which I could print, thanks to the other thread here. I found out that the lower part of the Laser casing is far away from flat. while filing it down I realised that the Red Cross laser might not be very precisely installed into the casing as well, resulting in being off by one or two millimetres. When first installing the laser I also realised that the device was slightly tilted in the Z Axis Holder. So I would say we can only say it is off by x (- 8/-10) and y: (+10/+14) not very satisfying.