Laser on during FRAME operation

Is there a way to have the laser on very low power during the FRAME operation, to assist with placement of the material prior to pressing play?

I confess to have only spent a few hours working with the software. I have tried positioning the laser, then using the Console to turn on the laser. So far I can only get the laser to stay on without a move operation.

I have a home made GRBL 1.1f based machine with TTL/PWM supported laser power output. It’s running on an Arduino Uno and GRBLDuino Shield. Everything else is working awesome.

Once you have set the software to use the ‘Laser fire button’ as described in the following:

Holding the ‘Shift’ key then ‘Frame’ will turn the beam on to the power value set in the Laser Fire setting while the frame runs to allow better placement.


I’ve added a FAQ entry for this:


Rick and Oz,

Thanks so much. Exactly what I needed and it works great.
I’m really glad I found this software. I’ve watched all of the tutorial videos and have used it for just a short while, but this is really excellent software. The drawing tools and preview tools and well as control over every aspect of the machine that my son (college freshman Mechanical Engineer) and I made over winter break. I will post a photo and all of the things I learned in building this if anyone is interested.

Full disclosure I’m on the trial version for less then a week, and I’m about to go pay for a license. I will share this whenever I post on other forums too.