Laser only turning on for first shape, not enabled for second onlhy moving

I just wanted to cut a few rectangles out of wood. So i put some rectangles into a layer and set the correct laser settings. Preview looks perfect (all rectangles get traced 3 times). Framing works, i can start the job and the laser moves and cuts the first rectangle.

Then it moves to the second rectangle and does all the movements, but never turns the laser on. it keeps doing that for the remaining rects and then moves back to start.

If i select the second rectangle manually and run “selection only” it works for the first shape.

It seems it turns the laser of, but never turns it back on.

What am i doing wrong ?
All of them Half 1 - Cuts.lbrn2 (1.9 MB)

Okay I downloaded your file and just ran on my Sculpfun S10 and it worked perfectly. Using the same version of LB 1.5.06 that your file was saved in, so not sure why your system is acting that way.

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Try this.

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Will try that

Thanks for trying it :slight_smile: The S value might be it. Should have looked into the generated nc to spot that

That was it @Dskall thanks

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