Laser PC case completed

My finished PC laser case. “Store bought”, no files to share. (Not a factory made PC case, just a cool kit that I found and modified to fit a new SBC into for my laser). Now I have to remove starboard and stern sides of coal car for PC cable cut outs and then it will be completed. I’ll have to mark and cut openings myself. I only have one thing to say - Don’t waste your money on this kit. Missing parts, wrong parts. I had to design and cut a few parts out of 3mil wood myself. I also found this same kit and photo in 3 different sites with prices ranging $19.99 all the way to $79.95, I bought the twenty dollar one. All in all, it’s not a bad kit “IF” you have LOTS of PATIENCE and sandpaper!! LOL


Outstanding :exploding_head:


Thank you
I forgot to say that because of the problems I ran into, my build time was a little over 12 hours.
The coal car went fine, no problems and about 30 minutes to build. Instructions said 4.5 hours
build time on entire kit. This thing is all snap together and I had to sand “every” joint on the engine to get it to snap together without breaking. And there are some little bitty parts. Yes, I broke a couple of those also, but kit did come with “2 to use and 1 to lose” on a lot of little parts, they already knew what was going to happen. After giving it some thought I;m starting to think that they have several engine kits that have “some” different parts in their kits. I noticed that only one sheet of wood with precut parts contained parts that I did not need and did not have the parts that I needed. I wonder if a couple of sheets of parts got mixed up and I got bad kit. Like I said, it not a bad kit, just takes a lot of work. Would be a great kit for someone who is trying to quit smoking, keeps your hands busy. LOL

I have made many of these kits, and sanding is quite common. Being retired there is no rush to complete them.

Those are really nice. And that train right in front, I love it. I am not a pro model builder but I have been, (and still am) HO scale train freak. I have been building my own stuff for 30 years now.
Now that you made the mistake of showing me your experience, may I call on you from time to time? I’m wanting to build a wall clock. I’m not sure what make or model I want yet. I have been watching utube trying to figure out which one want. I’m the type of person where the more lights, bells, buzzers and lots of moving parts, the more I like them. How do you tell which brand to get? Anyway, glad to meet you, nice work there again.

I forgot to say, who ever saw gears inside a boiler tank? I left mine out.

I’m no expert, all my kits are presents from my son who thinks that me being 84 I have nothing better to do. :grinning: Yes that was a bit strange having gears in a boiler. Maybe it was a clockwork train. I also have done the Safe with combination lock and the Marbel run, which were fun to build. The clock was my first and I did a YouTube video of that one. If I can I’ll try to link it here. My Pendulum Clock - YouTube

I just watched your video. I like that and was that Marty Robins singing the old clock? I know the voice just can’t put a name to it. "A ClockWork Train " good name !! I walked away from this reply a few minutes ago and saw this on u-tube. It’s called “UGears best moments” It is worth it to see !!! You have to watch this video. I know what I buying “myself” for xmas. Trains , trucks , tanker truck that opens and pushes out a soda pop or a beer for people who drink that stuff. I called my wife, (gramdma) told to come watch. Oh! MY GOD, there goes more of your money. LOL !!
Talk later ! I have to carry out trash now, grandma said now or eles !!


The market is flooded with kits of this type. Prices seem to range from low to unbelievable. I guess quality = price. Good video with some of the kits that I have built. I’ve moved away from kits now and download files to cut on my laser and put together. Seems more satisfying when you start with just a plain sheet of ply.
I have a mini workshop/garage in which I do woodturning and some metal work. Lath, Bandsaw, Mill, Drill, Bench Sander etc. Can’t do much in the winter as heating cost are so high, so spend time on the laser which is setup in my spare room at the back of my home. Just wish I had got into this at a younger age. 84 with health problems is a bit limiting.
Here are a few bits I have made. The last one is an etched floor tile with a clock movement fitted. Made it for a friend with picture of his dog.

Your handy work looks really good.

careful with that 3axis site. Make sure your virus software is working. I have been redirected to porn sites and had warnings from AVG.

no more going there for me. thank you

wow that case looks AWESOME

No Colin, mine is only OK, Go back up and look at Ron’s post of his work. Copy Rons image and then zoom in close, his far better than mine !! Mine was missing parts, had wrong parts and I had to design and cut my own parts. Because I only own baby lasers I had cut several copies of my part design out of 3/32" balsa wood and glue them together to make a solid support beam for the outer skin of the boiler tank. I have a lot of German in me and my mother always taught us kids that perfect is not good enough. You can always improve and make better.
Randy — Thank You anyways.

Thanks for the kind response. I forgot to mention the singer on my video is Jonny Cash.

Boy was I wrong, I was thinking Johnny Horton, Jim Reeves or Marty

Hi, I’m Dieter from Germany and I meet almost all the criteria to build such a beautiful railway.
Where can you buy this kit or the templates for laser cutting. My grandson would be very happy. I have time, am retired. Sandpaper is also available. :heart_eyes:
Sorry my English is cruel, " Ms. Google helped me"

UGears has many good sets, but they are already cut out. If you only want the plans, try looking for the svg or dxf modezeichnungen. But not all drawings are equally good, I once bought drawings for a car and some parts were missing, so be careful.

No problem…

Most Germans speak English much better than I speak German…

Welcome …


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Hello Dieter:
I bought my train off Etsy. Here is the kink to a seller called FlashPopup. I found my train priced from $19.99 to $79.95. I bought mine from Flashpopup for $19.99 and I just now looked again and the train is on sale for $14.99 with free shipping.

Like Bernd said, UGears is another good place to go.

I found another place where you can download hundreds of cut out files. I have already gotten 40 or 50 files from them. All the files are zipped and I was so busy downloading I haven’t opened any yet to check for instructions. Right now I’m on little Raspberry Pi -4B mini computer so I’ll have to shut down this rig, swap pc’s and get you the link to the free file place I found. Give a day and I’ll get the link.