Laser Pecker 4 Power Setting Equivilancy

Okay, I have been trying to determine what this Power Equivalency chart from the LaserPecker Company is and how to set in Lightburn. My Power Settings are in a percentage within Lightburn 1-100%. It appears that the $30 or S-Value max in the Machine setting is 255 already. So, do we adjust $31 or S-Value min to 130? Another option is to perhaps build a interpolation chart to convert the range 130-255 to 1-100%???
Always fun learning how to make things work, hopefully this is along a proper path. Cheers and Thank You

With grbl $30 should be equal to S Value Max in the device settings. I think the S Value Max defaults to 1000… They need to be the same. I’d follow the grbl setup and make them both equal to 1000. I wouldn’t go lower than 255…

This is in the Lightburn grbl setup… Might want to do a re-fresh …

I’m surprised that Laser Pecker didn’t have some kind of setup instructions…

Once these are set correctly, they generate the same pwm for the laser, so it should work the same.

I know these are galvo, but I believe the grbl setup is what you need…

Power in Lightburn controls a pwm signal on these, it is 0 to 100%, there is nothing over 100%… so I also find some of this chart a problem understanding… The depth is totally what I’d call backwards… I’d think they’d just use speed like everyone else does…

Hope this make sense… sing out if you have issues…

Good luck


Thank you Jack! I am using the device/Printer file provided by LaserPecker, and from reading the the machine settings they are set to 255. I think I am going to give LaserPecker team some time to hopefully figure the lightburn configuration, as I don’t want to break their proprietary software by adjusting the device settings for now. Thanks for the information, I am going to look over it a little closer while waiting.

If their $30 is set to 255, then set the S-Value Max to that also… That way you are not breaking their software… These are user settings anyway…

If you go to Edit → Machine settings you can save the pristine factory setup somewhere you won’t lose it… Most of my factory stuff is on my Google Drive… hoping they don’t lose it… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Some vendors won’t allow a change, other won’t allow you to save it. Don’t know how Laser Pecker handles this…

That should fix up your percentage power… How you are going to relate depth with speed, I don’t know.

Might be a good question for them…

Good luck


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Thanks again, yes those are great ideas! I think I should be able to make an interoperation table/formula pretty easily to fix the depth (speeds).

I could see why minimum power could be 130 on a scale of 1-255.

I saw a hardware exploration of this type of laser and I believe they use a light-pumped YAG crystal to get the different frequency.

I would be inclined to test with LightBurn settings as follows:

…but leave the $31= 0 (or 1) in the LP4. With this set this way, the percent power should be applied on a scale of 130-255 from LightBurn and it will control the charge pump light source from the bare minimum to release at the new frequency (almost off) to as close to full blast that it’ll go.

I’m thinking it’s similar to this M4 Enjoywood (teardown and inspection).

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Thanks for hopping in…

Are you saying that the bottom end of the pwm is raised so the yag has more time to pump up?

If so, wouldn’t that limit the period of the pwm…?

Kind of limits the control range… doesn’t it?


Bottom end raised & Pump up - yes… but ‘Duty Cycle’ or ‘percent on-time’ to reach ‘Minimum Threshold energy’.

Period is 1 over frequency. So, what is produced might change but most of the Diode lasers have only one frequency on the PWM side.

Range of PWM… yes, about half the resolution but still lots of control.

I don’t see why all the power scaling numbers couldn’t be multiplied by 10 to recover some resolution

$30 = 2550 and $30 = 2550 in the engraver.
$31 = 1300 But $31 = 0 or 1 in the engraver.
$32 = 1

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