Laser pointer offset not working

I own a XTool D1 pro 20w diode laser and so far things are fine with lightburn.
SInce I am going to continue a broken cut, I need to make sure, that the laser runs to a very precise position to start from.
So I clicked on the “Set laser position by moving… (ALtT+L)” button und chose one point on my template. The laser stops at a position near to what I wanted, so I thought, I need to change the laser pointer offset position. So did I - and NOTHING changed at all. But why?
By the way: I deactived the crosshair in the xTool Creative Space software, so that I am only using the focus point of the laser itself.
Even if this might be confusing for lightburn - that should be a noticable change when I actived laser pointer offset.
An I doing anything wrong or is this a bug?

If you use your laser as pointer, you have no offset and you simply have to disable the offset in your device settings and forget it :slight_smile:

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