Laser position after opening the program

I have a problem with position of the laser after I open Lighburn. It program thinks in somewhere else.

When I set it right ans turn off the program its like on the attached picture.

But when I open the program next day it doesnt show the laser dot (marked on red circle) and the program thinks the laser is somewhere else.

This is annoying.

Please help.

We’d like to help you, but so we can we need more information from you.
You have not told us what sort of laser engraver you have?
When you originally added your device, where did you set the origin?
Most importantly does your engraver have homing switches, that is, when you switch your engraver on does it automatically home to some switches or sensors so it knows where it is?

I’d recommend working through setup again, you can find instructions here:

Also to help us support you, in future please keep your “screenshots” in-computer. I.e. don’t use a phone to email us photos, use your computer to screen capture if at all possible, so we have a more complete picture of what is happening for you.

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