Laser Position indicator doesn't update on screen unless

  1. Move the laser using the move tool
  2. Get Position in the Move Tab

But, the software KNOWS where the laser head actually is even if it doesn’t show it with the red cross. I know this because if the laser is in some other position than what the red cross shows and I move an object to the laser position using the Move To Laser Position feature, then the object moves to where the Laser Head actually is and the red indicator stays in its old position.
Seems it should be updated.

Yes that’s right, you need to update your LB.

Newer than .9.09?

sorry, but that’s what i did in the same situation. my red cross had also disappeared for some time and so I was extra happy when it came back with one of the last updates. I use this feature often until I get my camera fixed again.

When you use one of the ‘Move selection to Laser Position’ options, it does a new query for the laser location at that moment, then moves to the location when the answer arrives. It doesn’t know the laser location until it asks.

But the position indicator is not supposed to update at the same time?

Ahh - yeah, it should update any time the position is queried. @adammhaile - can you mantis that?

Weird. I had a bunch of Show Position fixes in the latest version but this one seems like another edge case that I haven’t seen. Added to mantis @LightBurn

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Alright, I’ve reworked how and when it updates the position. Fix should be in the next release.