Laser position offset

I am running 5.5w diobe with woodpecker control board. I have my position set to bottom left corner and project set when project starts it is fine tben it goes out of position. When I reset to start over the laser is lining up in middle of project not back at bottom left. Sainsmart 3018-proUploading: Screenshot_20200215-111414.png…

Do you have homing / limit switches on this machine? If not, you’ll never have proper repeatable positioning.

No I do not have either

If you reset the board you’ll lose positioning, and will have to manually re-zero the controller by jogging to the home position (front-left) and typing G92 X0 Y0 into the console (sets the current position to be X0 Y0).

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Did that was going good then skipped again

Starts out then jogs

If it’s skipping steps you might need to lower the acceleration or speed settings.

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