Laser power decreased

My machine (80 W) with KT332N controller cuts through a 4mm birch plywood with the following settings

  1. Power -50 %
  2. Speed-7 mm/sec
  3. Passes - 2
    Now I’m not able to cut through the birch plywood even with 80 % of the power ,10 mm/sec speed and three passes .

What might cause such problems ?

Usually it’s alignment. It could be dirty mirrors, alignment, bad tube etc.

Check the tube where the pulse comes out. Lookup bad CO2 tube and then compare. Check the mirrirs, they should be clean, confirm your alignment. Then confirm power is still going to the tube at what it normally should be.

It’s always nice to have a mA meter. If it’s drawing the same current at the same percentage it’s probably lasing OK.

That only leaves the optics path as @LaserWillie has mentioned.

I haven’t done birch, but a number of other plywoods and my 50 watt cuts at 7mm/s @ 80% (18mA) in one pass with a 2" lens. I’m thinking you have had issues before this… IMHO…


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