Laser power decreasing

Also the tube? Check the wires

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I checked ,tube is fine…but i don’t know why…sometimes its firing and sometimes its not

When I try to control the nozzle with the console, “jog distance is 0” is popping up on the screen

Have you clicked the middle button by chance? In the middle of the arrows?

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If you have the laser set to low max power for alignment sometimes you need to hit pulse a few times.

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Yes I have pressed that before, is that any relevant @micrololin

That button puts it in manual and will give you the “jog distance is 0”

Yeah, I figured it out . And I’ve aligned the laser mirrors too… Now it’s working just fine but still when I enter 10% power and hit the pulse button… there’s this little speck of burn adjacent to the actual burn and it’s lighter than the actual. What might be causing this?

If everything’s aligned and the beam is still splitting I’d inspect the lense. It might be damaged or dirty. Just make sure you install it the same way you removed it.

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Okay…I’ll make sure of that

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