Laser power for neje 2s

Hi guys.
I have neje s2 and it looks like when I’m trying to cut plywood for example i can do it with neje software much faster than lightburn.
Is there any way i can fix this?
Thanks in advance for any one who can help

What settings are you using?

I did not try neje software at all but my 2s plus 30W cuts 3mm plywood in 4 passes, 95% 190-200mm per minute which (with this laser) i find reasonable. It woud do it in 3 passes but then may leave some parts stuck a little and I like when my cuts fall of by themselves :slight_smile:

Yes I’m exactly the same. And when i do it with neje they fall much quicker than light burn.
I love light burn though and just got the paid version but i wish there was something for this problem.
Thanks for reply my friend