Laser power not correct?

So i was burning then switched to a photo and went back to the previous item and not not burning deep enough anymore

Its acting like the power isnt set up high enough but its at 80% any ideas

How old is the tube?
a failing tube can lose power when doing longer operations, so it might cut straight away but then start to fail and power drops off.

Have you a ma meter attached? what power is it drawing?
If the tube is being overpowered it could damage it.

Only maybe 15 coasters and tried the image. Bought the machine like 6 months ago new

I think this is an LED laser…


found out that while i left while the picture was running it was paused and switched over to a shiny aluminum disk. so i guess question would be would that have reflected the laser back into it and damaged the laser?

That’s always a possibility, but it’s a focused beam, when it reflects it does not maintain the focus.

In effect it’s that much further from the lens. Focus at 30mm… then it would be 60mm from the lens, how powerful is your laser when it’s out of focus that far?

Good luck


I find that engraving wood can release volatile compounds and soot.
I would attempt to clean the lens. Tell me about the photo you switched to.

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