Laser powers off (to quickly)

Hello everyone
I have 3 lasers by Ortur a LM1 ,LM 2 and LM3 .
My LM2 (not pro) turns off ( powers off ) to quickly and i maybe making changes to my file and look over and its powered down .
My LM3 stays powered up for for more than enough time.
Is there a Dollar value or a setting i can change to make the LM2 stay powered on longer ?
thank you in advance

There might be. Ortur added advanced features to their GCode controllers over their iterations.

There are several model numbers and firmware version numbers on the LM2 so it’s difficult to answer without being really specific.

With LightBurn connected to the Laser Master 2, Please enter the following request in the Console window:
Then press Enter.

Please Select and Copy the text from the Console window and paste it into a reply here.

Then we can check to see how to prevent the time-out with a dollar-command.

Outside the dollar-command setting, Windows 10 & 11 will ‘sleep’ the USB ports and this may be overlooked on a computer with an Always-on USB port. The Always-on USB port on a computer has a yellow plastic part inside the port. If the other ports have blue or black plastic parts they may benefit from turning off windows USB Select suspend in the Power settings.

Thank you for the Reply , I had also emailed Ortur as they have support but some times takes a few days. They suggested i upgrade the firmware to the latest version . I had already did your USB advise ( thank you ) and upgraded the firmware and seems to be perfect so far . Not sure if it was the USB sleep fix or the firmware but i am now happy.
Thank you very much

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