Laser printing logo templates for etching materials

A client has asked me to laser print stickers that they can use as a template to etch their logo with some kind of acid on various materials like glass and other materials. The stickers are quite small, and the text has a height of 6, for example. I’ve tested with standard paper sticker sheets (like address labels, but the results were a bit inconsistent. It’s very precise to burn away the text and not not through the plastic (the back of the sticker sheet).

Who might have experience with this or can advise me on which material works best? Paper or plastic sticker material? Any advice is welcome!

Thanks in advance!

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You may need to run a two step process. Masking tape on glass surface. Burn the image. Transfer masking tape to a wax paper sheet for delivery.

You can get monster size masking tape from

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I just need to make the stickers. They will be used for etching their logo on various materials…

I’ve had some success using Dot Mode for more precise power control of my CO₂ laser:

You have a lower power diode laser, but the dot spacing may give you more control over the cut edge.

But weeding the tiny letters you describe will still be a challenge!

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Dot mode is unavailable for gcode machines unfortunately.

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Unfortunately, that’s going to be a tough job to do with a laser.
We print and cut a lot of HTV & print vinyl on a large format printer cutter. Weeding letters that small is difficult even with a good cutter.

If I were going to try to cut out adhesive backed stencils with a laser I would try this;
I would use coated sticker sheets with a good carrier on the back and get some sign vinyl transfer tape. I would get a sheet of acrylic or maybe black anodized aluminum big enough to stick the sheets onto and a can of low tack temporary spray adhesive.
Attach the sticker sheet to the acrylic or aluminum sheet using the adhesive spray. Don’t get too crazy with the spray adhesive, you only need a very light coat on both surfaces. Set your laser so it will just cut through the sticker sheet & its carrier sheet and cut out your stencils. Do not take the sheet off the acrylic sheet, just weed out the unwanted bits. After you get it weeded cover the sheet with the transfer tape and make sure you rub it down so it sticks to the sticker sheet and then peel it off of the acrylic. you can leave the transfer tape on the stickers and take it off once they have been applied.
This is how the sign guys do it. :slight_smile:
if the backing starts coming off when you take the sheet off the acrylic use a razor knife or a weeding tool to lift it off the acrylic.


Thanks Rob, I have asked the client to send me some material he is currently using. His regular supplier retired and closed the shop. To be honest, I don’t think I can do it with my iKier K1 pro (22W). It’s too small for a clean cut letter R for example, it cuts out the material within the letter also. It’s probably too much hassle to get it right, if even possible.