Laser problem, ortur laser master 3

I use ortur laser master 3 10W on lightburn. I’m a beginner. I am doing test on new 3mm plywood, my old projects work with the same parameters but yesterday my laser is more powerful and burn the sides but don’t burn the center.
I cleaned the lens, nothing changes.

I engrave on 3mm, 12000mm/min, 90%

Check these things:

  1. Push Devices button in Laser window. Then click on the name of your laser. At the bottom of the Devices screen it will show you the device type. Make sure it’s set to “GRBL” and not anything else.
  2. Make sure you’re not using "Constant Power Mode’ in the Cut Settings.

If neither of these resolves the issue then provide the following:

  1. photo of the burn showing the problem
  2. full screenshot of LightBurn with your design and Cut window in view

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