Laser protective glasses

Being a newbie, I would like info on laser safety glasses that will fit over my reading glasses. I have a Ortur Master laser.

Look for certified safety glasses. There are many “colored plastic” glasses that are not real protection. Take a look at and for products that protect in the wavelength of your laser (450nm?). I wouldn’t trust my eyes to the $8 USD chinese ones.

It is not necessarily a question of money (alone), it is primarily about what material properties the glass or plastic has. When I started with my diode laser I was also very careful to get the right protection, I even tested the supplied Chinese glasses with my 5.5 Watt diode. My conclusion is, everything is better than nothing !, even my regular reading glasses protect against burns but not from being dazzled. I built a closed box with extraction for my diode laser in orange colored Polycarbonate, it is very practical and safe.

At my local Army Surplus store they had some military laser goggles, which fit over glasses. They are rated for laser protection, and were cheap. Check with your local surplus store, or google it online or even eBay.

Just make sure the glasses that you’re looking at are effective in the wavelengths of your laser. When I started my search, I was amazed to see the charts that showed where the glasses were effective. It’s not continuous…it works for ranges of frequencies. Most of the glasses I saw had charts that showed the blocking power at the different frequencies - including two ranges of effectiveness with a range in between where it’s not effective. Find one that’s high in the range of your laser.

You have to get glasses that are rated for your laser. The ones that don’t have specific ratings are cheap Chinese frauds and offer very little protection.

The ad description should say something like this:
" 405nm,445nm,450nm,532nm,850nm Laser and 190nm-490nm Wavelength Violet/Blue/Red Laser Protection Goggles"

These are the cheapest I’ve found on Amazon for my 445 Ortur:

You might also find goggles that have a rating chart that looks like this:

which shows you the glasses OD effectiveness at different wavelengths.