Laser pulsing when cutting radius

On radius’s the software sends pulses to laser and results in needing another pass to cut through. Do I have a setting wrong?

possible, but without seeing or knowing your settings it is not easy to determine. But that said, there are no settings in LightBurn that set laser mode to pulse mode only on radius.

In my experiance with CO2 lasers they pulse if the current is too low.

My circles and radii are dashed lines for some reason

@hvacr9 , what was suggested is you provide some more information about your layer settings. You can even post the file you’re struggling with for someone to open and explore the settings.

Ralph - is that what yours is set to? 0.05 is the default, and too low can “fire hose” the controller with data. 0.01 is probably too low - I don’t think I’d go below 0.025, and the 0.05 number is chosen to roughly match the RDWorks output.

Ron - What controller are you using, and with what kind of laser? (CO2 or diode?) You should set the “Your Machine” entry in your user profile to the kind of machine you have instead of your pet name for it so people can quickly check when you ask a question, as that usually affects the answer.



I literally laughed out loud by my ridiculously low setting that I have had configured forever.

i migrated to lightburn this year after 3 yrs with using a 60 watt co2 laser. My machine is totally diy. Im using an arduino uno running grbl.
I love Lightburns interface and software you folks have done a wonderful job. just today my arduino keeps locking out (solid yellow light) Lightburn still runs the file to the board when this happens but no movement until i reset the uno.
I got these messages when i compiled the grbl upload,i will upload pic

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