Laser quit cutting immediately after updating to 1.4.00

Immediately after updating the software my laser will not cut and all engraving is very light, it acts like only part of the laser head is working

It’s likely not related to the upgrade but try downgrading back to the version you were using. Does that resolve the issue?

Did you recreate the device profile after upgrading?

I ended up going to Atezr and downloading the lbprefs file they have, installed it atleast for now it’s working great, the weird thing is they list it as the file to use for Apple computers not windows?!?!

lbprefs would potentially have OS specific conventions for file references. Surprised they would distribute that instead of an .lbdev file.

In any case, glad it’s working for you.

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And THANK YOU for your quick response, it truly means a lot!!

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