Laser ready but waiting for connection

I have a 60 watt OMTech Red Chinese Laser and I can’t seem to lightburn connected. It found my device GRBL-m3 (1.1e) and says the laser is ready, but it says it’s “paused or busy” if I try to run a job, and it still waiting for connection in the console

Try ‘esc’ and then a reset on the laser…then check devices and make sure you are on the right one.

Your OMT laser runs GRBL? Not a Ruida controller?

If it found a GRBL-M3 device, it didn’t find your laser. Re-run the LightBurn installer, and at the end of the installation, check the box for the FTDI driver to install that too.

Then run LightBurn, delete the GRBL-M3 device, then re-start LightBurn and try the process again.

It’s a KT332N control system from what I read it’s a Ruida, and it was advertised that way. Lightburn detects GRBL when I plug it in ig

Just did what you said, and it works. I’m very new to this all, so I knew it was probably something minor. Thanks for the help looking forward to purchasing the full license now.

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