Laser recommendation

Hi there. I have a K40 at home. I have used two larger machines at schools before.
I have a school where a colleague would like some advice on lasers for schools. I am in Oz!
What do you recommend?
I assume cost is an issue, as it is for all school budgets.

Schools have pretty strict requirements for safety, so budget is not going to be as important as that. A k40 for example has no door open protection, so that is not an option.

I would look at Darkly Labs Emblaser 2 - it’s made in Australia (so no import fees and local shipping), it’s got lots of safety certifications, and their pricing arrangement with us makes it easier for schools to do multi-seat setups. It’s a diode laser, and it’s not cheap (about $3k USD) but they’re quite a bit better than a typical diode machine.

If that’s not an option, then you’d probably be looking at something like a Thunder Laser or Aeon Laser. Pulse Laser Systems in AUS sells the Aeon, and Mike Carrigan in NZLD is a Thunder Laser rep, so those would be decent points of contact.

Thank you so much. $3k USD would not be much I think. I recall schools paid up to $50kUSD! For some I have used.
I will pass on your kind and helpful advice to my colleague who is in charge of it.

Thunder Laser might be an option if they have a good distributor in AU for local support, though support from China is actually pretty good and responsive. I’ve been quite pleased with my Nova 24 here in the US. The Nova 24 with 60-watt tube runs around $6600 in the US, including delivery to give you a rough idea on pricing.

I have a thunder Nova 24 laser bought here in OZ from the local distributor, good bloke ,good service and I know he has sold a few Thunders to schools.Check out Thunder laser Australia and tell him Nev sent you.I have just bought a new compressor from him also.

Schools I worked at have spent near $30k for a laser, so $6k is not much.
Plenty of options I reckon.