Laser run from time you push start button

When the start is pushed the laser comes on and does not turn off between letters or shapes. It was working fine last night. How do I fix this issue?

We get asked this so frequently, we made an FAQ for it…back Nov 16, '19. :wink:

If it was working yesterday and the above setting is correct, it could be a faulty laser module (or the power board that rides on top of the laser).

when i push start the laser comes on no matter where it is and does not shut off till i push stop. i have already done the $32=1.

Type $$ in the console window and press enter, then copy the output from the machine here so we can see it. If your settings are correct, it’s possible you have a bad power module on the laser head.

After putting $$ is the picture.

Your settings are correct, but @OrturTech might have something else to check. Any ideas?

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